Tuesday, October 21, 2014



It's been a different kind of week this week, but it was wonderful.  Brother Wright was baptized and confirmed! It was a beautiful service and very peaceful.  Sister Johnson and I are not together this week due to exchanges, but we are excited to be together again tomorrow! I love being with my companion! :) 

Yesterday was amazing, and I learned so much about prayer.  Elder Scott and Elder Bednar spoke to Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado through a broadcast! Here are some things I learned:

God answers prayers in three ways.  
1) He answers yes through feelings of peace, comfort, and assurance.  He blesses you with confidence in that decision.
2) The answer is no.  You feel a stupor of thought, an unsettling feeling.
3) You receive no answer.  You don't feel anything in particular.  This, Elder Scott explained, is when the Lord trusts you enough to make your own decision.  He said we should express thanks to Heavenly Father when this happens because He trusts you! He is letting you grow.  If we go along then, and start to make the wrong choice, He will warn us, and vice versa.  

Elder Scott explained that God will give us bits of inspiration little by little.  Sometimes that means He will let us struggle, think, and thus grow.

He also shared that God will rarely answer our prayers while we are on our knees.  He expects us to study the scriptures, to search for ourselves, and to act.

I have learned so much from this talk.  I know that God knows us and loves us each.  I know that He wants us to be happy, He really does.  That is sometimes why we have to struggle.  I just know that God has a plan for each one of us.  I testify that God's work is hastening.  The gospel is a gospel of hope.  The true church is on the earth today.  

I love you all! Thank you always for your prayers, letters, and examples.  I am blessed because of you!

Sister Hixson

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