Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Today I am actually emailing from Dillon! It has been 6 weeks, I think, since this has happened...minus one week :) It feels nice to email from home.  

This week, we met a lady named Sienna Babcock.  She is someone who we thought was a member of the church who we didn't know, but apparently she is not a member, but her mom and step dad are.  Her dogs were jumping all around us and she was taking a break smoking outside, so it was kind of an awkward approach, but she just talked about her dogs and then invited us in her house.  Her four kids were there, and they pulled out their Kid's Bible books, haha.  It was so cute.  They started  asking us "who this prophet is, and who this prophet is!"  Sienna came inside and told us her kids have been asking her about life after death and she doesn't know how to answer them so she recently got these Bible books for them.  She wants to help them, but she can't answer their questions.  So, we taught her about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and she said she would read and pray about it!  We told her kids that God loves them and know them very well.  They were so cute.  We are excited to see Sienna again this week!

Also, Jody Housel is another lady we are working with.  Last week, she said she didn't know how she would find time to read the Book of Mormon....and then she read 16 chapters!!! She said it brought her comfort and she prayed about it and she feels it is true.  Amazing.  The Lord really wants to answer our prayers, and He will. 

Also, Dell hasn't smoked for 10 days!!!! 

Good things are happening all around! :)

The weather has changed brrrrrr.  And our car came just in time!! :) And, we have two heaters in our little house.  It is the best thing :) 

So next to Dillon, there is a valley called the Big Hole Valley.  I love the name.  There are just a few hundred people who live out there, but we work in that area too.  It's far away so we have only been there once.  This week, the Bishop out there invited us to come teach a family on Thursday who want to learn more.  How exciting! 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Brooke, Paige, Kathryn, Kenzie, Gma and Gpa, Grandma and Grandpa for your letters.  They make me so very happy!

Love, Sister Hixson

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