Thursday, October 17, 2013


This week has been another adventurous week filled with fall leaves, travels, laughs, lessons....and Kara's baptism! 

It snowed last week, and then reverted to Fall, so it is so pretty here.  We traveled this weekend to Butte and the drive was gorgeous.  One hilarious thing that happened this week is the three kind men in camo (camouflage attire, I assume) with missing teeth that helped Sister Spencer back me out of a parking spot.  It was a 6-point turn and Sister Spencer was backing me up while eating a bag of chips and these three men in camo come out of the parking lot.  Then, suddenly they are helping Sister Spencer back me.  Haha, apparently she wasn't doing the best job.  They were smiling and laughing and helping and had no teeth, and it was so funny.  Haha.  There is no place like Dillon.

Kara got baptized on Saturday! We have been teaching her and her family for a few months now. The Reynolds family is so nice and the baptism was wonderful.  Kara got out and said, "I feel so happy."  I'll send a picture of her.  

I'm just going to send pictures now.  Love you all. 

I got letters from Sister Lamp and Mom and Dad.  Thank you!

Sister Hixson

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