Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This week was another wonderful week! We kept busy, rode our bikes, talked to a lot of people, and even went to the temple! What a blessing that was, right in the middle of the week.  I'll send some pictures. 
We taught the lady who came to church last Sunday, and she is excited to be baptized.  When we invited her, she said, "Can I?!" Haha.  She is  excited.
We interviewed Brother Dalton by asking him some questions that Preach My Gospel has for recent converts.  It was amazing to hear his testimony of so many things.  He was truly prepared to receive the gospel. 

We went to the temple again! This time with the Christenot's.  They are so loving- they prepared the car for us with water bottles with our names on them, cookies, string cheese, blankets for the drive, and even gave me a stool to get out of the car in! Hahaha.  It was the best.  The Temple was wonderful.  I love going there and feeling the love of the Lord.  It truly is a house like none other.  It is the house of the Lord.  I know that because of the Spirit I feel when I am there. 
Sister Frost and I are leaving Great Falls.  She is going to the wonderful Dillon, MT and I will be heading to Worland, WY.  We are excited and excited for the new sisters who will be here :) It's been a wonderful time. 
Don't send anything to my Great Falls address.  I'll let you know my new address next week :)
Something I read this week: Alma 13:3- It talks about how those who hold the priesthood were called "on account of their exceeding faith and good works."  The chapter continues to talk about faith, and I was reminded that the Lord can use us as instruments in His hands when we have faith and good works.  As we increase our faith and try to be good people, the Lord will make more of us, not for our own glory, but for His- so that His work may go forth as He needs and desires it to.  I hope I can always be a reliable and loyal follower for Him.  I know that the Lord will strengthen me and all of us as we exercise our faith and do hard things.

Love you all!! Thanks for your love, friendship, and prayers.  Sending my love and hugs your way...

Love, Sister Hixson :)
 A little boy gave Sister Hixson some flowers.
 Goodbye to Winter, Hello to Spring...finally.
A special stool for little Sister Hixson to step out of the car on--from a very thoughtful ward member.

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