Monday, May 19, 2014


It's me again.  Here in Great Falls, MT, and loving it! This week was crazy with exchanges and living out of our suitcases at another members' home while our host family was out of town.  It's always an adventure to go on exchanges, and this week was no exception.  Also, President Mecham has been interviewing the whole mission this transfer, and so I had my interview! It was great to talk with him.  The mission is so big that it doesn't happen often, so I was so happy to meet with him. He is amazing.  He is so inspired and loving, but he is also so real.  I don't feel intimidated by him because I can feel his love for me and everyone. 

This week I was with Sister Crooks for two days, Sister Frost for one, and Sister Hicks for another two days.  I learned a ton.  I was grateful to be together again with Sister Frost.  We work together really well. 
We had some miracles this week! One of them is that yesterday this lady came to church with her little boy.  She was in Relief Society and Sister Frost and I went up to meet her.  We find out she is not a member but she wants to be! She looked us up in the phone book and talked to someone on the phone who told her where to come and at what time, and here she was! She said she would love to take the lessons and prepare to be baptized! That was awesome. 
Earlier in the week when I was with Sister Crooks, we decided to go tracting after dinner.  We said a prayer and asked where we should go?  Some streets came to mind and then a quick image of a blue flower came to my mind.  I thought that was really weird, but after the prayer, I told Sister Crooks that as we were driving around, if there was any house with blue flowers outside, we should go there.  We didn't see any blue flowers, so we parked the car where we felt like we should go, and started tracting.  On about the fifth house, we met Justin.  He was a young dad, and he was willing to listen to us, so we talked to him for a little bit, and then his five year old son ran out.  He is the friendliest, kindest, sweetest little boy ever! So we started talking to him....more, he started talking to us, for about thirty minutes! We talked to him about Jesus and the Book of Mormon a little bit, and then he ran off, and Justin's wife came out! So we started talking to her too! We were talking with her for a little while, and it was about time to go.  I was getting pretty anxious because we had been there for so long and it wasn't really going anywhere, when Christian, the little boy, comes up to all of us with a handful of blue flower petals. Sister Crooks and I looked at each other, and Christian ran off.  Then he comes up to me with a blue flower, the same one I had pictured in my mind earlier, and hands it to me.  I knew right then that God knows me and loves me.  I was stressed and exhausted that day, and God was there.  He sent me that little experience to remind me that it's ok.  The hardest part about missionary work is recognizing what you can and cannot control....and that may just go for life in general.  But as difficult as things may become sometimes, there is one who always knows what you are going through because He has already gone through it.  I know God loves each one of us and will help us through our different and unique challenges.  As we try our best, He will teach us and prepare us, which brings me to Alma 38:5-
"I would that ye should remember that as much as ye shall put your trust in God even so much ye shall be delivered out of your trials, and your troubles, and your afflictions, and ye shall be lifted up at the last day."  
I love you all!! Have a happy week :D

Sister Hixson

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