Monday, August 5, 2013

12:07 PM (21 minutes ago)

Hello family and friends!
This week is transfer week, and what's happening?? I am staying here in Dillon and Sister Newell is off to Billings! They just split the wards there, and she is in a new ward (I think, because I have never heard of it from when I was there).  She is going to be with another missionary who came out with her six weeks ago and who she loves! I am excited for her because Billings is so awesome.  It's crazy that it has been six weeks.  Also, I am training again! So, this week I will be getting a new companion to welcome into the field.  She is going to be a lucky one because we have the best area! Haha, and she will get great practice teaching because we have four people who are preparing for baptism....whoa.  I am excited for her to be here and I am excited for Sister Newell to be in Billings.
The hardest part so far with the people we are working with is getting them to church.  And, all the less-active members too.  Many people live far out of town so we can only visit them every so often, and they have farms that they work on til about 10 at night sometimes so they don't feel like they have the time to come to church.  The members help so much though, calling them, inviting them, and being their friends.  Everyone here, nonmembers and members, are really nice.  They are humble and really down-to-earth.  I think they are that way because they just are used to working so much.  It's just what they do.  Most families have gardens, which is really cool, and this week some members let us come and pick some fresh raspberries from their yard. 
Yesterday we fasted for the people we are teaching because they are progressing pretty well, and we want to do everything we can to help them.  Wendy and Jeremy Alvarez are a couple who we are teaching, but they don't yet know that it is true, but they are trying to have open minds and hearts about it.  They are reading the Book of Mormon and praying, but they haven't yet come to church.  They are amazing and so kind and would do anything for anyone.  We are really hoping great things for them and everyone else. 
I am learning a lot- how to love people who seem very different from you, how to teach, how to follow the Spirit in all things, and how to do my very best,  The Lord is with us in this work.  We were planning the other day and looked at our goals for the week and were in shock at the fact that we could possibly have 8 lessons this week! The Lord is giving us many miracles.  Even yesterday, we were riding our bikes and it was really hot and Sister Newell said, "All I want is lemonade." And earlier that day I had said, "Man, I want some avocados."  Then we got to dinner last night and what do you know, Avocado burgers and ice cold lemonade! Seems that the Lord answers me a lot with food, hahaha, hmmmmm well anyways, life is good here.  This week, I was talking with someone about hunting, and yes, I said huntin'.  "ING" just doesn't exist here.  This email is so incredibly long.  I just have so much good news to tell you all!!! ;)
Well, thank you so much Mom, Dad, Paige, Asher, Kenzie, Grandma and Grandpa, Gma, Kenny, and Brooke for your letters/emails.  I am able to do this work with a little more motivation after your words of support.  You are all amazing!
I know this gospel is true and that God shows forth His miracles after our faith is tested.  Keep the faith! :)
Sister Hixson

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