Saturday, August 24, 2013

Letter from Monday August 19, 2013

Hi Everyone...

It's Monday again! And I get to write you all.  And hear from you D: If you ever wonder if I love your letters, the answer is YES. 
This week, we read the scriptures with Peggy Clark again and then invited her to take the lessons.  She said she would! I am really excited.  She is sooo funny.  When we got there, her husband calls for her to stop playing her video games in the other room...and she was like, stop bossing me around! Hahaha, She is like 55 or something and likes video games.  It's awesome.

Also, we taught this guy Clark Christensen.  He is a less-active and he has questions about grace v. works and we went over and spent a really long time with him and some members we brought, but hopefully he got some things cleared up a bit. When we asked if we could come back, his daughter Paige said, YES! Haha, so he said yes.  ("Thank you Paaiiige!") :) And Paige really wants to come to church, but her parents aren't sure yet if they want her to, so fingers crossed! Paige is 11, has spina bifida, and is so nice and cute.  But, don't tell her she's nice because she won't believe it.  She says she likes being mean, haha.  She doesn't want to be nice.  I told her being nice is fun.

Guess what? Even missionaries can have sleepovers! Sister Parr from Helena has been with us this weekend, and it's been a party.  She is our Sister Training Leader, so she travels to different sisters and stays with them and helps them out.  She has helped us out so much.  We read a talk by Elder Holland titled "Times of Trouble."  In it, he says, be of a good cheer is a commandment.
It is! Obviously there are times when we need to grieve and be sad, but when it is not those times, we should be of good cheer.  That was a cool thing for me to realize and change the way I think. 
Next week is going to be so awesome. We are going to the temple a week from Thursday, so we are going to Helena on Monday to hike Mt. Helena and then Tuesday we are having zone training there, and then Wednesday we will come home and have our preparation day and deep-clean our apartments, and then Thursday ride to Billings to go to the temple.  We are deep-cleaning our apartments so that when we come home from the temple, our apartment will be clean just like the temple is.  The past few months, we have been preparing for this temple trip, and we have been studying our covenants. It has been really cool to learn more and to see that we will never stop learning, even when we get to heaven.  That's pretty cool.
So, I might not write next week because we will be in Helena.  But, I love you for two whole weeks!!! That's a lot of love right now, I hope you know, haha, but it's true! I miss you all the time.  I am happy to be a missionary.  I know God loves us and that He knows us personally.  He always answers prayers, even when it seems like He is being silent.  That's why he tells the missionaries in Doctrine & Covenants 61:36 that He will not forsake them.  He must know that there are times when we need to be reminded of that.

Thank you Mom and Brooke for the package and Dad, Mom, Gisselle, Leticia, Kenzie, Asher, Starlee, Grandma and Grandpa and Rachel for your letters.  They helped me so much this week and reminded me how lucky I am to have such great people in my life!
Sister Hixson 

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