Monday, August 12, 2013

Hello family and friends!
Another week has come and gone.  Sister Spencer is my new companion.  She is from Yuma, Arizona and is brand new in the mission field! Transfer weeks are crazy if you are being transferred or receiving a new companion.  I spent Wednesday and Thursday in Helena and spent the night Wednesday night with the Sister Training leaders and another missionary in Helena.  We had fun together, and I went tracting with one of the sisters.  I haven't tracted much on my mission, but I actually really like it, and it was fun. On Thursday Sister Spencer arrived and we headed back to Dillon! I think we will have a lot of fun together.  Some blessings I have seen this week:
1) We taught Brother Clark's wife- he is a less-active member and his wife is really sweet and not a member.  We finally met her and she said she stopped reading the Book of Mormon when she got to 2 Nephi because the Elders told her it gets confusing after that, haha, oh Elders ;) So, we came and read 2 Nephi 2 with her and applied it to her life.  The Spirit was there and she said that the way we explained it was really helpful for her.  Yay!
2) My companion likes to laugh! She laughs a lot to herself about something she remembers that is funny.  Haha, I love it.  
3) Kara and her parents came to church this Sunday! Kara is 11 and preparing to be baptized in October.  Her Mom came with her last week, and this week her dad came too! Blessings. 
It's been a week of changes, which is always hard, but good things are All around. Thanks for your love and support.  Thank you Star, Brooke, Paige, Gma and Gpa, Grandma and Grandpa for your letters.  I laugh at my screen multiple times every Preparation Day, haha.  Til next week! :) Keep the faith and remember that through faith all things are possible. 
Love always,
Sister Hixson  

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