Thursday, January 23, 2014


This is what I think each time I write you all.  This week has been SO great....I just can't seem to remember much of it...Except that Nich and Nathan were both baptized and confirmed this week!
It was wonderful! They are doing great, and the ward here is so helpful and supportive for everything we, missionaries, do. 
It's been warm here! We have walked a lot and enjoyed the "Spring" air! We are teaching a lot too.  We taught a lesson this week to a ten-year old boy, so we used a lot of props, and one of them was a plant that I have.  Well, this boy has a cat who likes to eat plants...haha.  It worked out though :)

We are teaching a young girl, 17 years old, and she loves what she is learning! She came to church this Sunday and is eager to be baptized.  She is so cute and wants to be better and fill her life with good things.  I am so glad we have met her.
I've been learning a lot, and one of the things I have learned this week is about faith.  Missionary work cannot happen without faith.  And WITH faith, miracles can happen.  I read a quote by President Monson this morning about how miracles are wrought by prayer.  As we pray in faith, miracles happen.  I am grateful for that. 
I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you lots!!! <3

Love always,
Sister Hixson :)

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