Tuesday, January 28, 2014


It's Monday again! What do ya know?  I hope you are all doing well.
Monday and Tuesday, Sister Frost and I were pretty sick, but Wednesday we were up and out again.  We have been able to teach a lot and learn a lot.  Something that has stood out to me this week is how happy the gospel makes us.  There is this one boy we are teaching who has been through a lot.  His mom has too.  It's crazy.  I have never heard of anyone going through so much before in their life.  It is so sad to listen to, but then it's exciting to be able to know that through Christ, we can have greater hope for the future.  It's been humbling to teach them and recognize that I have no idea how to even help them, but I do have the gospel, and I can share that with them.  It's been a real struggle for me to teach them because I feel so sad for them and am not sure if they will be able to fully accept the gospel yet, but only time will tell. 

In other news, the two who got baptized last weekend are doing so well and are seriously amazing! They look so good at church in their shirt and ties, and I feel like one proud mama.  Haha.  It's amazing to think about who they were a month ago, and who they are now. 
There's not much to say this week.  My heart is full of a lot of emotions.  It's been a tough one, but a rewarding one.  One thing that Nathan (one of the ones who recently got baptized) said last night is that he certainly wasn't prepared to find out God's plan was for him to join the church, but when he did, he couldn't deny it.  He said that it's really difficult for him to be keeping the commandments and doing all that is required of him, but it's rewarding.  Nathan is an example of someone who knows what God wants him to do and won't turn back.  It's difficult, but he knows it's right. 
Sacrifice is difficult, but I know that we are rewarded when we do.  The Lord makes our joy that much greater.  It's sad to see people go through so much, especially when you can't help them like you want to.  I think Heavenly Father feels the same way about all of us.  He gave us our agency because He loves us.  I am sure it's not easy for Him, us having that gift. 

Anyways, funny story.  We walked into someone's room yesterday to wake them up for church.  The mom left the front door to the house open and told us to drive over and wake them up.  The mom had work so she wasn't there, but her kids were and she got on speaker phone and yelled at them while we held the phone.  Haha.  They came to church!!!! One of them, it was his first time.  Rewards, I'm telling you ;)  Also, there are dogs everywhere. I don't know if I have told you that yet.  And some want to eat you.  They haven't though, so we're good :)
I love this gospel, and I know that the church is true.  It really makes people happy, and I wish everyone in the world could have it, well, they, can, but I wish everyone would choose it.  It would take out a lot of heartache and pain.  I am grateful for the Atonement though that lets us all change and progress.  I hope to use the Atonement my whole life!

Love you all! Thanks for all your support, love, prayers, and friendship.  I really couldn't do this without you!

Love always,
Sister Hixson <3

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