Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

I have been hearing from everyone how they are feeling so happy about Christmas! Hot chocolate, sweets, Christmas music, lights, trees, the Spirit of the season.  It really is the greatest.  And surprisingly, or not surprisingly, it feels just as amazing on a mission! Although we don't have Christmas trees or lights at our house, we get to be in others' all day, and I love it.  We helped Sister Probst decorate her tree the other day while we listened to "Count Your Many Blessings" on her phone.  Haha, she thought it was a Christmas song.  Why not right? So basically, I am so happy all the time.  It snowed this week!! According to people here, it hardly ever snows, but vwala (note from Jeanette: I was going to correct this to voila but I thought it was so funny I had to keep it:)! It is soooo pretty. I am literally living in a Winter Wonderland.  Aaaaand it might be -18 degrees.  Now I know what that feels like! But really, it's not that bad.  I just get into a home and realize a while later that yes, I still can't feel my feet. Hahaha.  I just want it to snow forever. And I am dreaming of a white Christmas.  I have never had one of those before, and I am thinking, why not have it on my mission? That would be so cool.
This week we have had some really cool experiences.  We met with this girl Randy, the one we helped move that one day.  It was awesome to meet with her.  She has a lot of apprehensions about everything and lots of doubts, and Sister Barrus and I were literally on our knees in front of her promising her that amid all her fears and apprehensions, she will be prepared to be baptized on her baptismal date if she does all we ask of her. She told us she trusts us and won't let anyone else in her home.  (P.s. I am being transferred to Great Falls, so she will have to get used to another companion, but it will be fine.  Yes, I am sad to be transferred.  I LOVE Dillon, but I will be back, and Great Falls will be awesome). 
Anyways, so that happened, and then Saturday was awesome.  Sister Barrus and I had been praying to know where to go and what to say to people.  We got a call Saturday morning from a man in Utah who coaches the Westminster Basketball teams, I think.  He said they were playing in Dillon today and there are some return missionaries we could talk to and maybe do some missionary work while we are there.  So we had the feeling this random call was not by coincidence and it was an answer to our prayers.  After praying and feeling good about it, we worked it in to the crazy day we had planned.  We got there 45 minutes late with an appointment starting in 30 minutes.  We talked a little with the girl getting our tickets, and she said she has met missionaries before and things, but the conversation ended and we said bye.  We sat down in the bleachers and felt so out of place.  Haha, why are we here? I thought.  Heavenly Father, why are we here? We sat and sat, and then we had to leave for our appointment.  As we were leaving, I felt like, we can't just come and leave.  Maybe we need to do something.  So, as we were walking out, I said to the girl at the desk, so have you ever learned from the missionaries before?  Then she told us she hasn't, but her and her fiance would love to, and she gave us her # and we made an appointment for Wednesday! Her name is Ariel, and she is even from southern California! Soul sister. I am sad I won't be here to teach her, but I am so glad I had this experience, and it strengthened my testimony that God expects us to ACT. 
We are starting to work more with members here too.  We have been asking them, what can we do to help the ward? Getting their advice, showing them we trust them.  We also have committed some to pray to know someone specifically that they can share the gospel with, and then we will follow up with them and see how it is going and if we can help. 
I will miss Dillon.  I love the people here.  They have changed my life and really made a bigger impact on me probably than I realize.  At the same time, I am excited for Great Falls.  It will be a blast.  P.S. -34 degrees and windy.  If I end up in Utah or California, it's because I blew away. Haha. Someone told me to use an umbrella to keep me down, and I was like, Mary Poppins! How cool would that be, except I really like it here, so pray that I stay put.
Keep Jody Housel, Randy, Hilary's mom, and Sienna's family in your prayers.  These are some people who we are working with who need prayers.  I wish I could tell you about all these people.  They are awesome.  I say awesome waaaaay too much. 
"Come, come ye Saints, no toil nor labor fear; But with joy wend your way. Though hard to you, this journey may appear Grace shall be as your day.  'Tis better far for us to strive our useless cares from us to drive; Do this, and joy your hearts will swell- All is well! All is well!" 
I truly feel so blessed to be here.  I know that God has helped me as He helps all His children.  Though we still
have trials, He is there.  He is still blessing us, strengthening us, and there is a Balm in Gilead.  I love you all! Merry Christmas! :)
Sister Hixson :)

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