Tuesday, November 26, 2013


 Sister Barrus and Lex...are they happy or what?

The happy couple at their baptism--2 hours after they got married.  Congratulations!


Happy Thanksgiving week! It's already Thanksgiving? Where is life going? I am so confused...anyways :) Guess what? This week we had a wedding, two baptisms, and two confirmations! I don't know if I have ever been so happy than I have been this week.  So happy.  On Tuesday, Sister Barrus and I committed the couple in the Big Hole to be married and baptized by Friday! They were nervous, but she just says, "ok! I'll do it! I just have to do it!" Haha.  And her boyfriend followed her lead.  Their wedding and baptism were beautiful.  Sister Barrus and I ran around like mad missionaries, mad as in crazy, planning both of them.  They said to plan everything, just let them know what time to be in town.  Wedding planner? Who knew, haha. It was so fun. 

The confirmation was on Sunday in the Big Hole branch.  There are about 9 people in the branch, and it is the greatest thing.  Everyone in the branch was at the baptism and wedding in Dillon, and they all have taken care of my companion and I as we have traveled out to the Big Hole twice a week.  When I got up to the podium to say the prayer, one of them says, "hey, there's a stool that pulls out under there!"  Don't worry, I stood on that stool proud as can be ;) haha. I will miss these people. 

I am all better from the flu! I am alive and kicking! Well, maybe not kicking, but yes, alive. 

We are working with a 15-year old boy who is getting baptized this Saturday! We have been helping his mom since July- she is a member, but she hasn't come in years.  Recently, she has started coming back to church and her son always comes too! We had the impression to ask him to be baptized, as he has been a part of the lessons for a few months now and has seen missionaries for years.  He prayed about it and feels good about it and has already invited like 20 people to his baptism, including his new girlfriend! He is amazing.  He is one of those people who you would never expect to grasp the gospel so much, but he does.  For months he seemed to us like someone who was uninterested.  He would fall asleep in lessons, drop the pamphlets, talk about his cat, hahaha, all this crazy stuff, but now he is praying, coming to church each week, and opening up to us.  He really does have a testimony.  I am so glad we were impressed to invite him to be baptized on November 30.  I have learned from him that I never want to pass someone up, thinking they are not ready or not interested in the gospel, without inviting them.  I am learning to step out of my comfort zone.  I am learning to exercise my faith and to not doubt.  I am loving Dillon with all my heart.  Never want to leave, but I know it will be right when I need to.  

I have a strong testimony of this gospel.  I know that God loves me and all His children.  I know that the fullness of the gospel has been restored. 

Thank you for your prayers, love, and support.  I feel them! 

Thank you Sister Lamp, Mom, Dad, the Lathens, and Andy for your letters this week.

Sister Hixson 

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