Monday, June 3, 2013


I hope you're all doing good :) This week has been really good here! I went on an exchange for three days with Sister Ward, so I took a mini trip to downtown Billings.  We had the chance to teach two people who are on date for baptism, and it was cool to see that and to practice teaching.   I learned a lot from Sister Ward.  She reminds me of Brooke- full of personality and ready to work and share her testimony.  It was fun feeling like I was with Brooke for three days :)
We had a cool experience:  It rains a lot here, so it was raining all morning during study and we were hoping it would hold up because we were going out tracting.  But I didn't pray that the rain would stop, but that the weather would do whatever it needed to so that we could find the people we needed to.  It rained, haha.  We were tracting in a place that Sister Ward felt that we should, and at the last house, the man listened to us and then shared with us that he was a strong Catholic and we had differences, but he appreciated what we were doing.  When we said bye, we shook hands and he noticed how cold my hands were! A few minutes later, we were down the street and this lady is walking down the street towards us, in the rain.  We soon realized she was calling for us, so we walked to her, and she said we needed to come inside and get warm, and she was not interested in being converted.  She was that man's wife.  They let us in, and she gave us warm herbal tea.  But it was so cool because she opened up to us about her son who had recently passed away at age 19.  She shared with us his scrapbook and a poem he had written about faith.  She shared with us that her faith is really faltering right now, and we were able to share a little of our testimonies with her.  We felt the Spirit and were able to get to know this couple and the struggles they were going through at the moment.  After a little while, we left- each with gloves and a chocolate popsicle, which at first she said she wouldn't give us because she knew we couldn't have chocolate, haha.  We told her we could and helped clear up some other things about polygamy.  I felt taken care of and knew that this had been an answer to our prayers that morning.  The Lord is watching out for us.  Mom, He is taking care of us :) I thought of you during this experience because she was making sure we were comfortable and warm.  I was reminded of the love of mothers and how much they do for us.  Also, I was reminded of the love of our Savior for everyone.  He was looking out for this family, and I feel like their son Jake just wants them to accept the gospel because he already knows it is true.  We left a Book of Mormon, Plan of Salvation pamphlet, a thank you note, and their gloves on their porch. 
I am learning a lot here.  I am learning more about what the Atonement means, and I am learning to trust in God more.  I am constantly being shown what I need to improve, but I know it's for a good reason.  I know this gospel is true, and I know the Book of Mormon is true.  My favorite scripture this week: 2 Nephi 31:20. 
"Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, ye must press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, for behold, thus saith the Father, ye shall have eternal life."
Last of all, some funny things happened this week: I ran into a pole while I was reading the Ensign on our front porch, pacing back and forth.  I hit it with my Ensign and it scared me really bad, haha.  My companion is hilarious, and she says "Barnacles!" all the time, instead of like "darn!" or "oh man!" And one of the funniest things of the week I just remembered, haha.  When Sis. Ward and I went to tract, Sis. Ward's umbrella had some issues.  It was SO windy, so the first gust of wind came and whipped her umbrella backwards and she screamed and turned toward me and wacked me with it! Haha, it didnt hurt at all, but it was so funny I couldn't stop laughing, haha.  This continued for the rest of the evening- every gust of wind flipped it backwards, followed by her scream and me laughing.  This continued the next day too when a ward member gave us a HUGE umbrella, and as soon as we stepped off his porch, we both screamed as the wind pushed us backwards....and he just laughed at us.  One day we even couldn't ride our bikes because the wind was pushing me over on it, haha.  Good times. I am laughing right now thinking about all this. 

Well, this has been long, but most importantly, I want you all to know I know God is real.  I know He loves us, and that He answers our prayers.  Keep the faith and remember your blessings.  I am working on that as well...being grateful for all He has given us. 
Thank you Mom, Dad, Kathryn, Terri, Emily, Randy, and Kenny for the letters.  They mean so much.
Love you,
Sister Hixson

PS...I met a dog named Lexi.  They kept saying her name and it was a bit confusing!

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