Monday, May 27, 2013

Lex had limited time to write because the libraries are closed due to Memorial Day and she was sharing the Mission Home computer.  Enjoy this shorty but goody...

I don't have much time, but this week has been great.  It's been sunny and I'm beginning to get some cool tan lines from walking around.  I have not hit a deer yet, and I am getting used to random hail storms, walking, people staring, and lots of smiles.  People here are really happy.  We visited a member family this week, and the little girl was laying on her mom's lap.  Then suddenly, she gets up and stands in front of us in her cute red dress and says, "You two are beautiful."  Oh it was so cute and reminded me of the little things that make such a difference.  Just that little thing made me so happy.

I am getting used to it here, so I feel like this could be my home for a little while.  I feel for people who move all the time, because you just have to readjust to a lot, but the church and its friendly people make it easier.  Members have treated us so well.
Well, I really have to go, but thank you Mom, Dad, Kenzie, Gisselle, and Brooke and Luke for the letters.  Also, really late shout out for Kristy and David Grimm and Erica and Carver Stellmon!! Woot woot!  Brooke, Happy Bday! You have something coming :)

Love you,
Sister Hixson 

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