Monday, March 3, 2014

This week I wanted to write a little bit about the power of music...well, a month ago Sister Frost and I misunderstood something our zone leaders said, and we thought we couldn't play music from our iPads anymore.  Because we don't have a CD player, we couldn't listen to music in our house.  We recently found out we CAN play music from our iPads and we have been playing music from in the mornings.  We already have favorite songs.  We have realized since we started this that we feel happier and more upbeat and positive when we listen to good music.  I have been reminded of the power that music can have in our lives.  And if anyone is wondering where to find good music- go to the youth web site on  There are some good ones :)
We met with Theresa again this week, and she is just so sweet.  She is in her 70's and lives in a little trailer and just knows that everything she has gone through is all part of God's plan for her- no matter how difficult it has been.  She came to church again this week and is enjoying it.  She is so cute.  Her dog, Harry, is soooo hairy, and she has a little chime she hung up on her door to use as a doorbell. 
Penny is wonderful.  She came out with us last night to visit this one lady who is struggling with cancer right now.  It turns out they know each other from years back, so we were grateful we felt impressed to bring her with us.  Penny is an incredible missionary.  She invites everyone at work to church and stands up for her beliefs when people make fun.  She also told us where her brother lives and gave us his number, even though he doesn't want to meet with us. But she doesn't care! She had us stop by and call him to invite him to church, and she did the same. She wants everyone to accept the gospel!
We are working with Russel and Joy (Penny's sister) and a family, the Ramos's.  We are trying to help them prepare to be baptized, but they are hard to contact right now, so we will keep trying. 
Oh, and Sister Frost and I are staying together for another transfer here in Great Falls! I am no longer her trainer! We are just normal missionaries :) There is a lot of work to do here and many people who we have yet to learn from and to teach. I definitely know that I have more to learn from Sister Frost too.  She is incredible and so strong. 
That's all for this week! Enjoy the pictures.  Sing some songs. Listen to some good music.  Share the gospel with your friends.  I know that the Lord will make us into who He needs us to be as we decide to serve Him.  And we can do that by sharing the gospel with others.
I love you all.
Keep the faith.
Sister Hixson<3

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