Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I am about out of time again.  We are in Sheridan today, a small town of about 1000 or less people.  we are having preparation day with our district which consists of 6 elders and Sister Spencer and me.  I'll try to attach a picture....but this email might be short because many Elders are waiting on us :) We just love our families! Anyways, amazing things have happened these past couple weeks! The hike to Mt. Helena was so beautiful (I'll send pictures), and it rained and was sooo windy at the top, where we had a devotional on our work as missionaries.  The temple trip on Thursday was so awesome.  I just loved it because we were able to prepare for about a month before, and I was able to learn a lot because we prepared for it.  The Billings Temple is so so pretty. 
About a week ago, Sister Spencer and I attended a tiny branch that we actually are in, but it's an hour away so we never go.  But, we went, and there were about 15 people there.  It was amazing because it was so personal- everyone knows each other, of course, and one of the ladies even offered Sister Spencer and I extra winter clothes she has because we, being from SD and AZ....didn't bring any.  Guess what our opening song was? "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful."  Haha! Yeah, it was awesome.  I was smiling the whole time (I can't wait for Christmas!!! :D)
The Branch President lives 45 miles away.  He has one counselor.  You know how you can just talk to someone and feel their love?  That's how it was with the Branch President.  He just loves you, and you can feel it. 
We are continuing to work with Dell Carlin and Kara Reynolds.  Dell is working on quitting smoking with her husband and Kara and her parents are preparing for her baptism on October 12.  I am so excited for them both. 
Sister Spencer and I are studying charity this month.  We talked yesterday about the difference between charity and love.  We talked about how charity is the pure love of Christ, and when we have charity, we see someone how Christ sees them.  That is amazing huh! To see someone how Christ sees them is an amazing thing.  To really feel the love of Christ in us is really something we can feel.  Moroni 7:48 says that when we are filled with this love, "when he (Christ) shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is."  We can one day see Christ and know him! I love that we have that opportunity and privilege.
Thank you Mom, Dad, Sister Lamp, Kathryn, Asher, and 
Paige, and Brooke for your letters this week.
Love you.
Sister Hixson

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