Monday, February 24, 2014

Hello everyone!
This week's been great here.  
A couple highlights:
Theresa.  We met Theresa while trying to find another person who is less-active.  We taught her the first lesson and invited her to be baptized.  Her response: "I'm already baptized Mormon." Hahahaha. Well, we invited her to church and she came and loved it! It's been about twenty years.  She is the sweetest lady.
Joy.  Joy is Penny's sister.  We actually met Joy before we ever met Penny.  Joy knows the church is true, but she is just hesitant about making the commitment.  Keep her in your prayers.  Both her and Penny have a lot of trials due to family members' situations.
Time is short, and I'm not sure what to talk about this week.  I guess I will write about how much the people here have blessed my life.  There are hard days and weeks, but I can't imagine life without the experiences I am having- without the people I have met.  Brother Dalton bore his testimony again in Mission Preparation class yesterday and again, we were all in tears.  His testimony strengthens mine that this gospel is the only thing that can bring true and lasting joy in people's lives.  No matter who you are or what you know, the gospel will bring you joy. 
We went to a family's home- the Mickelsen's- Saturday night.  Their little boy, Jackson, squeezed himself between Sister Frost and me and YELLS everything he says.  Hahahaha. I can't imagine life without him.  Brother Dalton's "thank you" every time we shake his hand.  The Whitney's and their crazy dogs that somehow sneak into our bedroom while we are gone and leave a little gift on our carpet every couple weeks, haha.  And then there is Penny, who we call daily simply because we need a little "Penny" in our life EVERY day.  She makes me laugh constantly.
I am just grateful to be doing this work.  It truly is God's work.  Joseph Smith really is a prophet who helped restore this gospel to the earth.  It's here, and we can have it in our lives.
Love you all!!!
Sister Hixson   

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